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Dormer In Brearton, Harrogate

This was a fantastic project in Brearton, Harrogate. Matt and Lucy wanted to create more head room upstairs in their existing loft conversion, so we added a large dormer to the rear conversion which made a huge difference to the height and space. We then clad the dormer externally with sandstone slips, creating a very nice unique look. The couple were good enough to talk us through how they found the whole process, from their point of view. 


Matt and Lucy have lived in this property since November 2016 and wanted to make this change as soon as they had moved in:


"When we moved in the house had 3 dormers across the back of the house. The head clearance was poor meaning we could only stand in the middle of the room. Not great at 6'3 ! We wanted to feel like we had an additional floor not just some afterthought room in the roof space. 

It took us a little time to decide what we wanted to do and got in contact with Dave at Studio 4 Architecture to help us understand what was going to be possible."


Matt was referred to Studio 4 through a past client of ours. When Matt first contacted us we discussed the aim of the project and different options we could explore together. Once narrowing down our ideas Dave from Studio 4 met Matt at the house to go over some finer points:


"I'm a big fan of recommendation and referral and this is how we came in to contact with Studio 4. Dave previously worked with a friend of mine who suggested that I speak with him. Dave came round and had a good chat with us and went through the ideas that we had come up with already explained what was feasible and what wasn't.


 I liaised with Dave via text and email setting up a meeting where he could come round at our convenience."


At the property we discussed our ideas to ensure we fully understood what the couple wanted to create. We asked Matt what he thought about the designs: 

"I was impressed. It is hard to understand what a project is going to look like when all you can see is the existing floor plan and walls. Dave produced 3D designs which gave us a greater understanding of what it would look like showing sizes and various elevations. Comparison illustrations were also produced which was very handy when identifying the difference."


It was brilliant to see the project coming together and the couple finally having the extra space they had wanted for so long. We asked Matt and Lucy how they found working with Studio 4 Architecture:


"Very professional. They kept me up to date with what was going on and met the timescales that they quoted. I would recommend without hesitation. I found them very knowledgeable and easy to deal with."

From everyone at Studio 4, we wish Lucy and Matt all the best for the future. We're so pleased we were able to be involved in this project and we'll hopefully see them again for their next home improvement!

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