The most common way any homeowner will develop their property is with an extension and the first thing that everybody asks is - how much will my extension cost? Well, I’m not going to tell you! What I will do is provide you with some information and advice, that will help you take a much more informed approach to this, or for that matter, any kind of building project. Now, we’ve all heard loose figures being banded around “£1000 per square metre”, “no - I heard £1500 per square metre and half that for the first floor”. The more realistic figure and the amount I normally quote to people who ask is - £1200 per square metre. But at the end of the day, what does that even mean? Well, it’s little


Does your construction professional listen to you? I have many times met up with a prospective client who has had a bad experience with engaging an architect, the architect wants to construct their own project not the clients! Many times I have heard... “He went away and came back with a design which, when we questioned its relevance, he just got stroppy about, making out that he was the professional with many years experience who knew more about building design than we would ever know!” The trouble is many architects look at each project with a view to it being the next RIBA Sterling Prize Winner or as an opportunity to break the mould and try something avant-garde. They forget that you ar


Even the simplest of house extension projects can cause stress and cost more than needed! Here's a short guide to a stress free cost effective building project. The most successful architectural projects are creative collaborations that take the client and the architect on a hugely satisfying journey as initial ideas and concepts are transformed into a solid three dimensional reality. Like almost any other relationship it requires good communication, mutual respect and trust, and a little chemistry. If you get it right it will SAVE YOU MONEY! 1: Choose the Architect who is right for you While a recommendation from a friend is a great place to start, remember that this is going to be a long-t

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