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Getting Crafty in Harrogate

The spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire possesses some fine examples of Arts and Crafts architecture.

The Arts and Crafts movement began in Britain in the 1880s. It was a response to the effects of industrialisation and it established a set of principles for living and working that encouraged creativity.

The likes of Sir Edwin Lutyens, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and William Morris wanted to restore simplicity and honesty to the design and build of homes. Local materials and traditional craftsmanship were used to create buildings that complimented their surroundings but remained modern and distinctive. The aim was for craftsmanship to filter into every aspect of life and for the home to become a work of art.

Architecture Harrogate

Dragon View, Harrogate.

Examples of Arts and Crafts architecture in Harrogate include Dragon View. These buildings combine size and proportion with country cottage charm. The craftsmanship involved in their construction is underscored by the exposed timber and brickwork. Yorkstone , a material that is ubiquitous with Yorkshire, has been used and laid bare at ground floor level.

Arts and Crafts Architecture Harrogate

Dragon View, Harrogate.

The red clay pitched roof, large chimneys and turret are distinctively Arts and Crafts and resembles William Morris’ famous Red House in London.

The aim of the Arts and Crafts movement was to create beautiful things that would improve the lives of ordinary people. Morris, and his contemporaries, believed good, honest design meant a good and honest society.

Studio 4 has applied the principles of Arts and Crafts to a project in Harrogate and designed a generously proportioned three bed cottage to occupy a garden in-fill plot.

Arts and Crafts Architecture Harrogate

Render (front) of Studio 4’s Arts and Crafts inspired home.

Form is combined with function to create character while maintaining size and adaptability. The home will have exposed brick chimneys, a pitched roof and locally sourced flint on the elevation. Other Arts and Crafts elements include a Gothic porch, exposed eaves, rafters and oversized soffits as well as dormer windows and fenestration.

Studio4 Architecture Getting Crafty in Harrogate

Render (rear) of Studio 4’s Arts and Crafts inspired home.

The designers at Studio 4 have crafted a beautiful home for their clients. The principle of creative independence so important to Arts and Crafts is present at every level, in the design itself and in its process.

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