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Does your construction professional listen to you?

I have many times met up with a prospective client who has had a bad experience with engaging an architect, the architect wants to construct their own project not the clients!

Many times I have heard...

“He went away and came back with a design which, when we questioned its relevance, he just got stroppy about, making out that he was the professional with many years experience who knew more about building design than we would ever know!”

The trouble is many architects look at each project with a view to it being the next RIBA Sterling Prize Winner or as an opportunity to break the mould and try something avant-garde. They forget that you are the client, that it’s your house and that you are the most important part of the project.

At Studio4D we see ourselves as the catalyst for your project, to listen to our clients needs,

translate that into the design and show our clients how to achieve what they want. We do this with understandable technology drawings, 3D models, images etc. we don’t use highbrow techno speak or attach a condescending attitude to your ideas.

If you would like a refreshingly understanding initial meeting to discuss your project please give us a call on 01423 226333 or complete our contact us form to arranging a no obligation free consultation and get the ball rolling.


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