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Living The Open Plan Life

When you decide to extend your home, it is important to think about space and lifestyle. A space can compliment your existing lifestyle or transform it into the lifestyle you want.

Studio 4 Architecture has extended a detached house in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and transformed both space and lifestyle.

Floor plans show the space before and after.


The existing kitchen has been opened out and a dinning come family room has been designed to create more space. The lounge has been split and the remaining space has been transformed into a home office.

Furniture has been positioned to divide the open plan space into functioning areas. These areas are connected by dark hardwood floors and a grey and purple palette. The central island in the kitchen encourages the complete use of the space and the L-shaped sofa corners the family room. The Stovax Studio fireplace provides a warming focal point and balances the room in conjunction with the kitchen.


The table identifies the dinning area and the vaulted ceiling opens up the space. The area is light and bright thanks to Velux rooflights and the outside is brought in with powder coated aluminium sliding doors.

The open plan extension created by the designers at Studio 4 has transformed the building and provided a practical, efficient and stylish space for the family to live and flourish in.

Open plan extensions can add value to both your home and lifestyle. Here is a list of things to consider and discuss with your designer,

  • moving between spaces

  • distance between spaces

  • noise

  • viewpoints

  • colour and materials

  • light and lighting

Extend your home and live the open plan life!

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