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Hollywood Googie Nights

The career of architect John Lautner lasted over six decades, but he is barely recognised outside the architecture world, even though his iconic buildings have starred in movies like “Diamonds are Forever” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

Lautner completed an apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright, he then opened his own practice in 1938, where he would see out his career.

Lautners work is easily recognisable and you will of probably seen some of these buildings before and not even realised who they are by. Some of Lautners work has been used in famous Hollywood movies, such as, the Elrod House in Palm Springs, where the infamous Bond character was played by Sean Connery in the film “Diamonds Are Forever.”

The Sheats Goldstein House in Los Angeles which features in “The Big Lebowski.”

The Chemosphere House was used for a scene in “Charlie’s Angels”, and this house has also made a cartoon appearance on an episode of the Simpsons. This project is one of his most celebrated works built in 1960 and is now owned by the famous publisher Taschen.

The Schaffer House in Los Angeles featured heavily in Tom Fords “A Single Man.”

John Lautner is perhaps best remembered for his contribution to the development of the Googie style of architecture. Whilst the majority of this style is seen across the pond in America, we do have examples in the UK.

Here at Studio 4 in Harrogate we are often on the road and the Markham Moor Little Chef on the A1 is a striking example of Googie inspired architecture that we often pass, it looks like a very exciting and interesting building, the team here at Studio 4 Architecture would love to get involved with a project like this.

I personally love the googie style of architecture and in my opinion may well have been influenced by the space race in 1960s America in their vision of how futuristic homes would look. It also reminds me of something out of the 70's TV programme The Jetsons, who wouldn't want to go shopping in a building like this!!!

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