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Transform Your Exterior

If you would like to give your home a fresh exterior but aren’t sure where to start, Studio 4 Architecture have created these starting points for you.

It depends how much you would like to change your house, at the simple end there is a lick of new paint and at the other more costly end you may consider structural upgrades.

In this blog we will suggest both, so you can then pick which options most suit your property.

Window Upgrade

Updating up your properties windows is a sure way to bring a brighter, fresher feel to the home. Confirm the style of your home, for example don’t add Georgian details to a house with the wrong proportions.

Replacing windows can be done without obtaining planning permission, you are able to alter the shape and size of the window openings under permitted development rights.

External Finishing's

First confirm what is on the exterior of your property currently, perhaps:

  • Stone cladding

  • Pebbledash

  • Mismatching bricks

  • Mixture of different external materials

You can remove these materials, although its sometimes easier to cover them with a new finish to give a completely different and fresh look, transforming your house instantly.

One of the cheapest options is to simply paint the exterior of the house, using a paint in a neutral shade to create a blank canvas and unify the two materials.

Another option is rendering and then painting, which may be better if the original material is quite damaged as just paint wont cover over these issues.

Something else to consider is cladding the exterior to transform your home, cladding gives a dramatic change and very contemporary look.

Planning Permission on External Finishing’s?

Your local council is likely to be concerned that your house meets regulations for thermal efficiency, so consider whether cladding will alter the properties eco performance. Also if you live in a listed building, think about how cladding will impact the character and fabric of the house.

Roof Transformations

Style of roof is an extremely dominant feature in properties, and there are many options to transform your house by just focusing on this area. You may wish to change the shape, the covering or even just improve the existing tiles. All of these things will change the properties appearance.

Changing your roof covering usually falls under permitted development rights so planning permission is not requited, but it is necessary to add roof insulation when making these changes to meet building regulations.

There are a huge amount of options available to you, here at Studio4 Architecture we will guide you through each to find the most appropriate solution.

Door Design

A quick and easy option to transport the look and feel of your house is painting the front door! Picking a colour which will really pop and also keep classy is a fine line, you need to try out a lot of different colour swatches to make sure you make the right decision.. or you may already know the exact colour best for your house. It’s a good idea to wander around and take a photo’s of the doors you love.

Changing the front door colour is a fairly low risk but effective DIY way to experiment with exterior. However, if you have a period property and would like to restore its door, then perhaps commission a skilled joiner to make a new one which mimics the original.

If you have any questions, or need advice concerning transforming your properties exterior call 01423 226 333 or email, we’d be happy to hear from you!

We hope you found this article useful and if you would like to add anything please do so in the comments below.


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